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Bringing The Truth To The Stigma Of Mental Health

Awareness to PTSD
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Founded in 2023, the Operator Project is 501c3 Non profit Orginization, founded to bring the truth to the stigma of mental health, and bring and end to domestic violence.  We are a group of social media influencers that are all striving for the same thing: to Break the silence of mental health.   We use platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch to help people with their daily struggles and encourage them to keep moving forward. We also have a discord server with need to talk chat rooms and much more.   ​ Witnessing the atrocities of my mother being stuck in a domestic violence relationship which ultimately turned into suicide, I made a choice to stand my ground to help others. From Military and law enforcement, to becoming an online influencer, my mission has always been the same: helping those in need; from police, fire, veterans, and victims of domestic violence to those who feel they have no way out. We want to be there for them in any way they need. ​

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