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Our Crisis Outreach Team

Wife helping Husband with depression.
Wife helping husband with depression
Tish, The Operator Projects Therapist.


Tisha is an extraordinary woman who has devoted over a decade of her life to working in the mental health field. Her compassion and dedication have helped countless individuals navigate difficult challenges and find the strength to heal and move forward. But Tisha's own life has not been without struggle. She has endured profound grief, survived near-death experiences, and weathered the heartbreak of divorce and the loss of a child. Despite these trials, Tisha has never lost her fierce spirit and unwavering determination. One of Tisha's greatest sources of pride is her four adult daughters, all of whom have graduated from college. As a mother, Tisha has instilled in her girls a deep sense of resilience and independence, inspiring them to chase their dreams and overcome any obstacle. Tisha's own journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the human spirit. Through her work in mental health and her personal experiences, she learned firsthand the importance of empathy and kindness. Tisha's presence in the world is a shining example of what it means to be strong, compassionate, and resilient in the face of adversity.

My Story

Tisha Ringle The Accolades

Tisha is an accomplished mental health professional with over 10 years of experience helping individuals overcome personal challenges and heal from emotional wounds. Her impressive academic achievements include completing a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling with the highest distinction in December 2019 and currently working towards completing her doctorate, with a focus on the intersection of psychology and wellness. In addition to her academic pursuits, Tisha has been a successful business owner and operator for over 15 years. Her professional experience has given her a deep understanding of the complexities of running a business, and the challenges that entrepreneurs often face. Tisha's graduate schools have been Christian schools, and she has a passion for integrating spirituality into her work as a mental health counselor. She has done extensive spiritual counseling work, and her unique perspective allows her to provide holistic care for her clients, addressing not just their mental health but their spiritual and emotional wellbeing as well. Tisha specializes in working with adolescents, trauma survivors, and individuals seeking support in navigating the challenges of everyday life. Her compassion, empathy, and dedication to her clients make her a highly sought-after mental health professional in her community. Tisha is committed to helping her clients achieve emotional healing, personal growth, and a deeper sense of self-awareness.

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